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City Animal Crash 瘋狂動物城裡跑

City Animal Crash 瘋狂動物城裡跑

Are you ready for some crazy animals fun?

All Animals are running into the city~~

Make sure they don't bump into each others~~

Get ready for this craziest animals crash game~~

Animal City Crash is a simple, fun and addictive game~ 

Race the animal you selected in circles and avoid bumping into other running animals in the city.


The game has two levels: Easy and Hard. 


How to play?

In Animal City Crash, a player has to control the cute animal in circular routes. The player has to touch or release the screen to slow down the speed or reverse the motion of the animal. Moving on safely unlocks the other running animals and makes you earn coins and rewards. 



– Variety of 3D cute animals

– One-touch addictive gameplay

– Unlock new animals

– Earn coins and rewards


Premium Features:

Get access to more exciting features by getting the premium version of this crazy game. 

– In-app Purchases

– Push notifications for levels crossed

– Coin and stunning animal packs

– Scoreboards and achievements


Enjoy this fun and cute animals run. Download this addictive game NOW!

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