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Piggy Jump Human Run


Piggy Jump Human Run


A human is lost at the forest, suddenly there is an evil pig ran out of the forest and chasing the human~

Control the human and escape from the Evil piggy chase.
Be careful of all the hazards on the way, quickly jump away from the crocodiles and avoid jumping on the broken woods.

Don't stay on the turtles for too long, it can't hold you for long...

Avoid falling into the water and ran away from the evil piggy~


- Touch the left side of the screen, Human jumps one step
- Touch the right side of the screen, Human jumps double step
- Do not jump on the broken woods
- Do not stay on the Turtles or Crocodiles for too long

Piggy Jump Human Run is a simple, fun and addictive adventurous jump game with simple controls.

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