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War Of Zombie City


Join the War! Strengthen your Zombie Army by infecting as many people as you can!

Want to know the feelings of being a Zombie?
Want to build your own zombie army and infect the whole world?
This is the game you will need!

How to infect more humans?
* Infect as many humans as you can from anywhere on the map!
* Destroy other zombie Army!
* Lead your zombie army and show the world your horrible power!

* Utilize the latest "swarm algorithm" technology
* Funny zombie movements, lots of zombies moving around with you
* Smooth game experience!

How to Play:
- Fingers drag anywhere on the screen to control the direction of your Zombie Army.
- Infect more humans to expand your zombie army.
- Eliminate the enemy zombie team and collect more brains.
- Upgrade your zombies by the brains and make your zombies stronger.

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Piggy Jump Human Run


A human is lost at the forest, suddenly there is an evil pig ran out of the forest and chasing the human~

Control the human and escape from the Evil piggy chase.
Be careful of all the hazards on the way, quickly jump away from the crocodiles and avoid jumping on the broken woods.

Don't stay on the turtles for too long, it can't hold you for long...

Avoid falling into the water and ran away from the evil piggy~


- Touch the left side of the screen, Human jumps one step
- Touch the right side of the screen, Human jumps double step
- Do not jump on the broken woods
- Do not stay on the Turtles or Crocodiles for too long

Piggy Jump Human Run is a simple, fun and addictive adventurous jump game with simple controls.

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Ralph The Chicken Flyer

Get READY, Ralph~~ Be the MAGIC flying chicken hero~ 
This game is Amazingly Fun and Simple to test your reflex~

Enjoy an exciting flying experience with Ralph, our flying chicken hero~
Watch out for enimies! 
Grab as many COINS as you can and fly as FAR as you can!

- Tap or Hold on the screen to increase flying speed
- Release your finger from the screen to decrease flying speed
- NO mobile data is needed to play~ 
- Avoid hitting enimies or hazard objects
- Grab as many coins as you can

Have Fun Flying with Ralph for FREE now!

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